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  • Simone Rafaella

  • on 09/03/2016

I use these pre-run for an extra boost. They actively increase my capabilities to run longer and stronger with a clear mind. They're a great additional supplement for race day as well. Simone R. Distance runner

  • Peter Meyer

  • on 02/06/2016

It definitely makes a difference in concentration and clarity. It's great for writing code or other creative work. I haven't felt energy changes, but perhaps I wasn't deficient in some of the ingredients to start with. Either way, I'm very happy with it. Thank you!

  • Tim R

  • on 12/26/2015

Once again I let my supply of Clarex run out. After burning the candle at both ends one of the first things I go for after coffee is Clarex not only for mental clarity, but also for recovery from my workout. Note to self sign up for automatic refill !!

  • Gretchen Casey

  • on 09/18/2015

I just started my trial pack and am loving the way Clarex makes me feel. The mental sharpness and clarity happens within minutes after taking the supplement. The overall feeling of well-being is almost too good to be true. I'm so happy I found this product.

  • Amy Keough

  • on 04/03/2015

I can't believe how great I feel! Honestly, I feel like a new person! I feel incredible mental clarity and amazing energy! I have been taking different vitamin regimines for quite some time trying to get this result and I failed! I am so happy to find something that works and is natural with NO caffeine! Love it! Thank you clarex!! 😃😃😃

  • Nancy

  • on 08/25/2014

As one with a very active social life, there are many mornings where I'd really prefer not to get out of bed. I have absolutely found that if I take one Clarex before I go to bed after a night out and another the following morning, it makes a BIG difference both physically and mentally in getting me through my day.

  • Mary Mooney

  • on 08/24/2014

I received a sample of Clarex and was a little skeptical but I have been taking them for almost a week and I have noticed a difference. I started a new job last week and it is long hours and Clarex has helped me stay more focused.

  • Alex T

  • on 08/22/2014

Even though I have not yet received my sample of Clarex, I am certain that it works for me. I have been taking some of the ingredients of Clarex for a couple of months and can tell the difference when I take them or not. Clarex however, is in a capsule/pill form which provides convenience compared to making your own pills or taking the powders straight. Alex.T

  • Vincent

  • on 08/12/2014

Product doesn't change my mental clarity nor its performance. Been using for a week and a half now, will continue to take them untill depleeted.

  • William Higgins

  • on 07/26/2014

I saw it in Whole Foods one day and brought 10 of the daily 2 packs. By the time I had finished them I thought I was more focused so I ordered more and after about 30 days, I knew for certain that it improves my every day focus and clarity of thought. I'm better able to concentrate and stay on task.

  • Tim R

  • on 07/22/2014

After receiving a 60 day supply and taking every day I ran out. I noticed my work outs where not as easy and took longer to recover. As soon as I got my new order things got right back to normal. I will definitely get not let that happen again

  • Isaiah Udotong

  • on 07/21/2014

Following nights out at parties, I always wake up in the morning with a slight headache and drowsy disposition. I decided to try Clarex and I found that in the morning, I felt as if I had never gone out. That morning I not drowsy/groggy, rather I felt myself to be clear-headed and more cognizant of my surroundings. Isaiah U. College student

  • Scott P

  • on 06/28/2014

I got a free sample of these because I was skeptical if they would actually work and they did! I'm taking summer classes and I had a lot of work to do so I tried them out and they worked perfectly! I'm not a huge coffee drinker so they were the absolute perfect solution to my problem!

  • Maria

  • on 06/27/2014

I love clarex! I use it daily and feel that it works as described consistently, and doesn't have any side effects.

  • Maria Faillace McMahon

  • on 02/05/2014

"I consider myself a very active person. When I was running 3-4 times a week training for a marathon and working full time as a nurse practitioner in the stressful hospital environment, I was feeling tired and mentally exhausted. In my profession, I need to constantly stay focused and think clearly. A friend of mine told me about Clarex. At first I was skeptical because occasionally I would take vitamins or supplements but never felt like they made a difference. Then I tried Clarex. Right away I felt a difference. I am able to stray sharp, with a mental clarity that is noticeable and my memory is also greatly improved. I work out in the morning, take my Clarex then enjoy a productive busy work day, knowing that the supplement I'm taking is all natural and enables me to live a healthy active lifestyle with a clear mind."

Thank you!
Maria Faillace McMahon, MSN, CPNP, AC/PC, EMT- B
Trauma Center Mnager
Department of General Surgery, Trauma Center
Boston Childrens Hospital

  • Andrew Noiles

  • on 01/25/2014

"I'm not one to push a product but what I've found is that Clarex gives me the edge I need to concentrate. I'm 48 and five years ago I had major heart surgery. One of the complications that resulted from the surgery is that I suffer from major depression. I'm now coming out of that depression, thank God. I still have some concentration issues stemming from it and this is where the Clarex comes in. When I know beforehand that concentration is going to be an issue I pop two of them and go about my business. It's not until after I finished the task at hand that I realized I was clear and focused throughout the project. It doesn't matter if I'm cross country skiing for fitness, performing difficult navigation planning or even in a job interview. It just seems to help. I welcome this with all that is me. I can't speak for anyone else but I will tell you it works for me. I'm now a new loyal customer."

  • Timothy R.

  • on 07/18/2012

"I’ve been taking Clarex for nearly a month and have seen some significant improvements in my overall well-being. I have struggled to find the quintessential work life to pay the bills and mortgage while maintaining an active, healthly lifestyle. Now that I’m working in Boston and am commuting from out of state (Rhode Island), I experience long exhaustive days. I take Clarex daily (sometimes twice) and have found it gives me the cognitive focus without the crash of caffeine pills and energy drinks. I can even savor some of the edge for a work out at the gym when I get home, knowing too that what I’m taking is completely composed of natural ingredients. It’s not the ultimate happy pill, don’t think one exists, nor should it, but Clarex comes honestly close to achieving that."

Thank you,
Timothy R.
IT administrator

  • Eric B.

  • on 06/27/2012

”As a former competitive body builder and working professional, I had tried everything, trying to reach that extra edge. Pre-workout energy drinks would work for short periods of time, and then drop me, mid task. I tool Clarex with my energy drinks and Immediately noticed an increase in focus and cognitive thought. It was an amazing feeling. I told all of my lifting buddies and work associates. CLAREX! where were you 10 years ago? I have an increased quality of life because I can now look at the day knowing that focus is one tablet away. I want to meet the guys that invented this stuff. Thank you for the clarity.”

Eric B.
Fitness enthusiast

  • Peter S.

  • on 06/22/2012

"Clarex is legitimately a dose of cognitive clarity. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, and was prescribed medications to help me with my studies. These medications became problematic for my active and healthy lifestyle as my appetite and sleep schedule were both distorted. These days, I take a couple of Clarex in the morning and I’m good to go for the whole day. I can nap between classes and eat properly after working out or surfing. I find that Clarex gives me the additional focus and mental clarity that helps me streamline my busy collegiate life. I feel much healthier now that I am taking Clarex."

Peter S.
College student and surfer

  • Noah A.

  • on 02/19/2012

"The life of a musician is not always glamorous as it’s made out to be. Lots of late nights of packing up equipment on the road turn into early morning drives to the next state. Whether I need to focus after a long night on tour, or meet a 9 a.m. deadline after a show, CLAREX helps me power through and get it all done."

Noah A.
Musician and web designer

  • Sarah C.

  • on 02/10/2012

"What I love about life is the variety of activities, jobs and events I am lucky enough to be involved in. The other side of that token is that they sometimes make my life hard to balance. CLAREX allows me to take in my day and all what comes with it one task at a time. With so much input coming from so many directions, having CLAREX clarity helps me answer the day’s questions one at a time. Eliminating my mental limits leaves me focused and ready to let my life be as abundant as I want it to be."

Sarah C.
Yoga instructor and health enthusiast

  • Lori H.

  • on 02/05/2012

"Clarex has become part of my supplement routine to keep me focused on my studies to become a health coach, being a single, a fitness athlete, and an entrepreneur. Time management is crucial to maintain a balance on all fronts and CLAREX me stay there, even on those days when life throws a curve ball."

Lori H.
Health coach and fitness athlete

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